New job

I’m now 2 weeks in to my new job, at first I found it slightly slow and boring as I’m so used to being go go go all the time!! I’m much more settled in, picking it all up well and I really like the people that I work with! 

Travel was a massive thing, used to be about an hours drive both ways but now it’s less than half of that! So much better! 

I wanted a less stressful environment and less travelling and that’s what I got so I can’t be complaining really, I got what I wanted! 

As much as I do like it I don’t want to be there forever. I’m already planning my next career move. The thing is with me is that I always want more which isn’t a bad thing. We’ll see what happens! 


Living alone as come to an end. 

My parents have been on holiday in Barcelona (lucky them I know)! I’ve been looking after the house and the dog for the past 6 days. As much as I’ve enjoyed it as I’m quite happy in my own company it’s also been a bit lonely. There is only so much conversation I can have with my dog! 

I’ve found having time the most difficult. I’ve been on late shifts at work this week which is 10:30am until 7pm. I get up about 6/6:30am to get to the stables, muck out and ride which takes me up to 2 hours. I come back home and shower, eat breakfast, tidy up and sort my lunch. This takes me until I have to leave. 

I arrive home from work just before 8pm and by the time I’ve made dinner and eaten it I’m ready for bed! I get so tired! 

On Thursday I thought I don’t have time to go to work today, I want to take my dog out for a lovely walk as well as clean the house properly and do a food shop, no way I have the energy to do all this after work! Anyway I decided to call in sick … I had a migraine! I managed to get all organised and felt much better! 

Today is Saturday and my parents will be arriving home about 10am. I’m glad they’re back today, not just because it’s hard work running a house on your own but also because I miss their company, for parents they’re well alright, up there with the best I’d say! 

Catch Up… 

I’ve been neglecting this again!! I’ve been so busy with everything lately it’s ridiculous! 

Anyway I’ve just been working working working! I’m sure that’s what I do with 90% of my life, or sitting in traffic on my way to/back from work 🙃 I’ve been covering so many extra weekend shifts and nights shifts. I’m exhausted! My managers always ask me first as they know that I never say no! I feel like I can’t say no but I also feel like they shouldn’t keep asking me all the time. 

In the next couple of weeks this will soon change as I’ll be starting a new job! I cannot wait! So so excited! I’ll still be doing the same job role just in a different veterinary practice and it’s closer to home too! Less traffic for me!!! 🚦

Over the last couple of months I’ve been so unhappy where I am, I love my team, they are the best and we’re like one big family, however our manages are expecting more and more of us which is now becoming unrealistic. They sit up in an office all day everyday, our clientele has doubled or probably more actually but yet they won’t employ more staff?! And there are a few lazy people in our team which makes it harder for us hard workers, we basically carry the lazy ones along which isn’t fair! We have meetings and nothing changes. I realised that it’ll never change so I need to change. I can’t keep laying in bed crying about it! I applied for this job and within 5 days it was mine! So quick! I’m so relieved that I’m getting out! My manager was gutted, as well as my colleagues but I have to do what’s right for me. Maybe this will make them realise that they need to start listening to us or the good ones will go! I’m much happier knowing that I’ve only got 8.5 days left there! I can do it! 

As well as getting a new job I’m also getting back into the gym again 💪🏼 which feels amazing! I’ve been feeling like a fat and sweaty big toe these last few weeks. I think it’s because I was down in the dumps with my job and generally felt sad in myself. Now I’m feeling a lot happier and a lot more positive! 

Onwards and upwards from here!! 😃

Trip to the zoo

This time last Sunday I was at the zoo with my 2 friends. I love going to the zoo, animals are my favourite and for me this is the perfect day out! I know some people don’t always agree with them which I can understand, I’ve previously visited one on holiday and some of the enclosures were pretty small which I didn’t like. However the zoo I went to is so lovely and spacious, all the animals looked very well looked after with lots of enrichment. It’s only about 45 mins to an hour away so not far at all. 

There’s so many more zoos that I want to visit! Elephants are by far my favourites and I managed to get a close up picture whilst feeding them! 

Wishing I was out at a zoo today! 

Stalker ex boyfriend update… 

I have previously posted about my ex boyfriend stalking/harassing me and his weird ways… 

Anyway I thought it had come to an end after I told him back in December that he must leave me alone. He did for 3 months! Lasted a bit longer but not long enough. 

In March I receive an instagram request from what looks like a nothing/spam page, just a random name, but what I found odd was that this page was following nobody! No pictures, profile picture, nothing! So to find me on there they must’ve known my instagram name to only have found me. I declined the request and about 2 hours later it came up again, I did the same and didn’t accept it. 

My mind was ticking over and I thought it must be him, who else would it be…?! After that I’d sort of forgotten about it. 

Towards the end of April, only a week or two ago the request came back again, still a completely blank page and only wanting to follow me… again I decline and this happened about 5 times in the space of half an hour… persistent I know! Then I receive a message from the same account, just a ❤️, I didn’t reply and the account blocked me. 

I am 100% sure it’s him, always thinking of weird and wonderful ways to get my attention and to contact me and he’s always one for blocking as he gets angry and upset that I haven’t bitten on it. 

A few days after he liked one of my old tweets on twitter, a picture of me and him back in 2014!!!! Why would you even do that…?! 

I know it sounds silly but I always get upset and stressed every time he contacts me as I just don’t want it, I want to move on and be happy but he has to appear all the time! I’d said to my parents about the recent contact and how he doesn’t listen when I asked him to leave me alone. My parents were going to go round to his house to tell him that he has to leave me alone. Thing is he’s had more than one chance with me and has ruined it every single time so why does he want more?! My mum decided it was best to ring him, as soon as he knew who it was he put the phone down. He texted to say he doesn’t know what this is about, he’s moved with his life and so on…. obviously he hasn’t! My mum just texted to say you must stop harassing her now, he just replied with a 👍. Straight away be blocked me on twitter and instagram (not that I have him on instagram anyway) so again angry/upset! 

It just makes me laugh that he’s so childish, he’s the one that’s been harassing me but when he’s confronted he runs away and blocks me as if I’m the problem?! He should know better though, being in the police you’d think he knows from right and wrong.

I don’t know if this is the end, who knows! But all I can say is that if it happens again I’ll have to go and report him for harassment as it’s not fair. 

Easter bank holiday 

I hope everyone had a lovely 4 day weekend over the Easter bank holiday! Lots of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! 

Unfortunately I was working Saturday, Sunday and Monday 😔. However I have the day off today, tomorrow and Thursday, so this is like my bank holiday I suppose! 

Work was incredibly busy!!!!!! Yesterday was the worst! By the end of my shift I was ready to cry! I’m so glad it’s over. Over weekends and bank holidays we have skeleton staff so if we’re busy, we’re busy!! 

People still don’t realise that chocolate is very toxic to dogs! This was the outcome of these two dogs that had eaten 14 Easter eggs and a big box of chocolates between them…. 

We made them sick, and it was like projectile vomit! Vile I know! At least we got it all out and they spent the rest of the day and night on fluids to completely flush out their systems. Even though they made such a mess throughout our prep room I couldn’t be angry! They were the loveliest dogs ever!!!!!! All 3 of us nurses had plenty of towels to mop up! We had to laugh otherwise we would’ve cried! 

This is the standard life of a veterinary nurse! We don’t cuddle puppies and kittens all day…  obviously we do sometimes!! We go from one extreme to the other and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty! 

I wouldn’t change my job for the world! 🐶🐱🐰

Back to reality… 

Today was my first day back at work, after just over 3 weeks off today was finally the day. As much as I didn’t want to go back, I kind of did too!! Couldn’t wait to see all my colleagues and catch up on any interesting cases that I missed! 

I had a nice rest but honestly I was sooooo bored! I was driving myself insane! Overthinking everything, over criticising myself (apart from my new boobs) and felt really low some of the time because of it. I’m so used to being busy and in and out all the time, for me to stay in with only occasionally going out it was horrendous! 

I’m very glad to be back into my routine again, looking forward to starting my course at work and excited for the next few weeks to pass and I can be back with my horsey again!!! 

Hope everyone had a good Monday!!